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Sam's 76th Birthday!

The family celebrated the 76th birthday of the youngest child on December 11, 2005.  Here are some of the pictures.

ann.jpg (55214 bytes)

Sam's sister, Ann, showed up!

josie.jpg (58878 bytes)

Hey, here's Josie!

Jane and Ann.JPG (63016 bytes)

Ann and Jane are here, too!

BigNLittle.JPG (55542 bytes)

It takes two to blow out this candle?

bill.jpg (48587 bytes)

Hey, Bill Lovelace (a REALLY good friend of the Baudos) realized the importance of the occasion and attended with his lovely wife, Dee.

cake.jpg (66431 bytes)

Great cake, Tony!

Confusion.JPG (66754 bytes)

Yes, typical Baudo confusion, and FUN!

group.jpg (67911 bytes)

Jane, Ann, Sam, Josie, Nancy, Ann, whatever, hey, let's have some fun!

janenann.jpg (63420 bytes)

Boy, the way Glenn Miller played, songs that made the "Hit Parade", guys like us we had it made, "those were the days"!   Listening to this was even cooler than it looks.  I REALLY wish I had brought the camcorder.  Who knew Ann could tickle the ivories?

NancyJane.JPG (55792 bytes)

Nancy with Jane

oldbusch.jpg (51910 bytes)

Sam holds up a picture of the old Busch Stadium.   One of the custodians from Russel Elementary School takes pictures and modifies them in his computer.  They are really cool.  I'll provide info when I get it.

oldfart.jpg (46874 bytes)

Is he REALLY an "Old Fart"?  Note the grin!


SonnyValBan.JPG (51190 bytes)

I don't know HOW to comment on this.  Maybe it's fear of the FCC!

teens.jpg (57116 bytes)

Some "Baudo" teens.  Is it reflection or confusion, you decide!

valnben.jpg (52745 bytes)

Val and Ben.  Do we call this Valben or Benval?  I'm sure the tabloids will wonder.

ValNSonny.JPG (47743 bytes)

In this pic, it looks like Val is carrying Sonny.   Could she do this?  I DON'T THINK SO!