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St. Louis Remembers The 1950 World Cup Team!

On the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion, "The Hill" neighborhood recognized the accomplishments of the native St. Louisans who went to Brazil and did the impossible, beat the blokes who invented the game!    St. Louis' contribution to the squad: 2 Postal Workers* (Frank "Pee Wee" Wallace and Harry Keough), a dock worker (Gino Pariani), a meat cutter (Charlie Columbo) and a Funeral Director (Frank Borghi).  They went against a team of professional soccer players reportedly insured for over $1 million by Lloyds of London. 


AnnSpeaks.JPG (54066 bytes)

Ann Speaks


FrankSpeaks.JPG (56208 bytes)

Frank Borghi Speaks (the man in the green jacket is Harry Keough)

GinoSpeaks.JPG (53034 bytes)

Gino Pariani Speaks

2baudos.jpg (58359 bytes)

Sam and Ann display the glass plaque (photo by Sonny).


WallacePlaque.JPG (55619 bytes)

Plaque in front of the Baudo house.


BorghiPlaque.JPG (54053 bytes)

Plaque in front of Frank Borghi's old house.

ParianiPlaque.JPG (53807 bytes)

Plaque in front of Gino Pariani's old house.

statue.jpg (42392 bytes)

Proposed statue to honor the 1950 team.  More on this later!


FullStage.JPG (59831 bytes)

Here's the stage before the ceremony.

StageRight.JPG (57215 bytes)

Close-up of the right side.

StageLeft.JPG (55552 bytes)

Close-up of the left side.  This picture looks familiar. ;^)

SamPresents.JPG (56929 bytes)

Sam is giving something to Gino Pariani.  That is Gino's son, Glenn, on the far left.  Glenn plays a coach in the movie (photo by Sonny).

ginosam.jpg (55998 bytes)

Gino Pariani shows off a 1950 USA Jersey, a gift from Sam.  Note the cool decorations on the house in the background (photo by Sonny).

ginojeff.jpg (68921 bytes)

Your friendly neighborhood Webmaster talks with Gino Pariani, rehashing old times (photo by Sonny).

borghijeff.JPG (40733 bytes)

Here I am meeting Frank Borghi.  What a nice guy! (photo by Sonny).

harryjeff.JPG (57845 bytes)

Harry Keough signs an autograph for me.  I am a great admirer of his son, Ty (photo by Sonny)..

Annplaque.JPG (57807 bytes)

Here's Ann with her Plaque (photo by Sonny).

Calcatera.JPG (47216 bytes)

This is where Frank Borghi worked. 

*Harry later worked as a soccer coach at St. Louis University.