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'The Game of Their Lives' Movie Page

Due to the importance of the new "The Game of Their Lives" movie to the Baudo family, I have decided to create a page dedicated to it.  The film chronicles the life of Frank Borghi, "Pee Wee" Wallace, Gino Pariani, Charlie Columbo, and Harry Keough and their contribution to one of the greatest soccer (football) upsets of all time.  The USA team beat the "chaps that invented the game", England 1-0 (one - nil)!  More than 50 years later, this movie will show the triumph of the Miracle on Grass.

Special Thanks to the Gerard Butler Board and  The website got over 10,000 unique hits in 2004! We're over 20,000 in 2005!

Here is an interview with Ty Keough, Harry's son, about the match and 2010 US match.  Click here.

Woody and Barb Lange are in South Africa to watch the rematch. Here is Woody's blog.

UPDATE June 11, 2010!

Due to the interest in the 2010 rematch, had an article on the 1950 team.  Here is the link. 

UPDATE June 10, 2010!

Thanks to Vinnie Rogers, I have an update to the "Game" page.  Here is a link to a story about Joe Gaetjens who scored the winning goal in 1950.  There is a brief shot of Pee Wee at about the 8:20 mark.  I spoke to Harry Keough at Ann's funeral.  At that time it seemed like he hadn't heard for sure that Joe was killed.  I'll post the video here if the link dies.

ESPN Outside the Lines, A Goal and a Ghost


UPDATE September 11, 2006!


UPDATE June 29, 2006!

The DVD is scheduled to be released in September.  It will be renamed "The Miracle Match"  Here are some links.  Thanks to Tom of Hill 2000!



UPDATE May 26, 2006!

 The book as been reissued and is available at Target.  Click here to order.

UPDATE January 4, 2006! has a service that allows you to get an email update when the movie is released.  Click here. According to posts on IMDB and some soccer boards, the producers are gauging interest by the number of people signed up, so DO IT!!!

UPDATE October 15, 2005!

From Walden Media:  (The) Game of their Lives was released by our sister company, Bristol Bay. We will announce home video plans soon.

UPDATE September, 2005!

My best information is that the DVD will be out in October/November.  Please feel free to write to the submissions address (Contact Me link) if you have any other questions or just want to chat.  I welcome all email except spam.  Hey, you may even make the memories page!

I've written to Walden Media and I've posted a new topic on their "discussion" board.  If you want to monitor it, click here.

UPDATE May, 2005!

Well, I was wrong!  Here are the cities that will be able to see the movie on the big screen on June 3rd:

ALABAMA: Gallery at 10, Madison Square 12
FLORIDA: Beach Boulevard 18, Citrus Park 20
KENTUCKY: Hamburg Pavillion 16
NEW YORK: Hennrietta Cinema 18
OHIO:Hollywood Stadium 20 @ Fairfield
PENNSYLVANIA: Warrington Crossing 22
SOUTH CAROLINA: Charlestown Square 18
TENNESSEE: Downtown West 8, Hamilton Place Mall 9
VIRGINIA: Pembrook 8, Virginia Center 20

Go see it, you'll be glad you did.

According to my souce at IFC Films, there will not be a nation-wide release.  Instead, the movie will be released on DVD in about 6 months.

UPDATE April, 2005!

I've been contacted by Mauricio Cardenas who hosts FUTBOL MANIA on Telemundo Los Angeles regarding information the movie and the game.  Tune your tellies in to see what's happening. Muy Bueno!!  To see more click here.


Another good one from Derek click here.

Here is a link to an early review.  Thanks to the Gerry Butler fans click here.

There is a 5 part interview presently running with Walter Bahr & Harry Keogh on covering the Reel Game vs. The Real Game.   Just log onto the website with your speakers turned on. BOTNradio is 24/7 soccer radio programming.  That will be followed in a few days with another interview on the site with Harry Keough and Zachary Ty Bryan on BOTNradio. The show is "Just Kickin It," which program I host.  Thanks to:

Dave Birnbaum
"Just Kickin' It"

From Derek:

Recent Walter Bahr info:

From Tom of Hill 2000 a link to the comercial!

UPDATE March, 2005!

Special Screening!  There will be a special screening at the National Soccer Hall of Fame.  Click here to read all about it.

SHOWTIMES!  thanks to a poster on, we have times in the St. Louis area at the Regal at least.  Click here to see them.

Click to see the poster!

Here is a link to the information on the premiere from the Missouri film commision click hereThanks to Brian for the link.

Here's a link to a site with two articles on the game,

KSDK ran a story about the release of the trailer go here to see it. 

There is a documentary about the game available.   It's called "More Than a Game".  The DVD is $19.99 and is available from Storyville Pictures. Follow the link to their website!  I just got done watching it.  It is a series of interviews that lets you get into the heart of soccer in 1950.  The players also expand on the "Game" itself and let you know what they are thinking.  I'm thinking this is kind of the VH1 "Story Within the Story" without all the production glitz.   It's not real smooth, but it gets the job done!  If you are a USA Soccer fan and you want to know what the players were thinking, follow the link.

The REAL trailer is available and it is WAY cool.   Check it out at .  Also, it looks like there will be little advertising at first, so be sure to pass the word!

UPDATE February, 2005!

Ebay purchase

I bought a commemorative card on Ebay.  The seller listed it as showing "Larry Gaetjens" scoring the winning goal.  I bought the card and sent him a correction indicating that it was JOE Gaetjens who scored the goal.  I got the card and it is full of inaccuracies.  Here's a fun game.   I've scanned the back of the card.   Look at it and let me know what you see.  Oh yes, heres the front.

Mention of the movie in The Pittsburgh Tribute-Review. Thanks to Derek for the link.

Looks like the April 22 date is good.  Check out the official website click here.

UPDATE January, 2005!

From Roy Spoto, there may be a release date!  It is supposed to be April 22, 2005.  Another link.

From, "William Ross is the new composer onboard The Game of Their Lives, David Anspaugh's film that was originally to have been scored by the late Jerry Goldsmith. The assignment has been confirmed by the Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency.

The film is directed by David Anspaugh who is best known for two other sports movies, Hoosiers and Rudy, both scored by Jerry Goldsmith. The Game of Their Lives would have been their third film together.

William Ross, whose latest score was Ladder 49, has done uplifting scores for sports movies before, his score for Tin Cup being a fan favourite. Production of The Game of Their Lives has been in limbo for quite some time, the fact that a new composer has been hired to score the film surely indicates that post-production is indeed progressing."   Thanks to Tom Stremlau for forwarding this information.

UPDATE December, 2004!

A store on the "Hill" is selling posters with pictures taken during the shooting of "The Game of Their Lives".  The store is called Girasole Gifts and Imports The website can be reached by clicking on their name.  Click here to see a sample.

UPDATE August, 2004!

It seems that they are STILL shooting!  Link to USA Today story about Patrick Stewart. Here's the quote, "and said he is resting before returning to work next week, where he plans to finish the upcoming movie The Game of Their Lives."

UPDATE July 31, 2004!

World Cup History Page.  Lots of good links including one back here!

UPDATE June 26, 2004!

New information on Bristol Bay Productions, and John "Clarkie" Souza click here.

UPDATE May 15, 2004!

IMPORTANT:  Old updates will be stored here.

Here is a link to the trailer trailer.wmv.

UPDATE May 7, 2004!

Watch this link for news on the movie.   Crusader entertainment is now Bristol Bay Productions.

UPDATE May 2, 2004!

The company hosting this site, has given me free increased bandwidth.   So, I finally decided to pull out my old June 17, 1994 copy of USA Today and scan in the article on the 1950 team.  Here it is!

UPDATE May 1, 2004! St. Louis Remembers!

Concerning the activities on The Hill - I have spoken with Ann a number of times and she is gathering some photos of Frank from his playing days.  She mentioned that she passed quite a few out to the family so that the memorabilia wouldn't end up in her "shoe box".  We will be using the photos for several items, including the programs and stage dressing.

On June 5, we will be hosting a soccer game at 3:00 which will be played in honor of the 1955 Simpkins vs. St. Ambrose Open cup match.   A team of Hill All-Stars dressed as St. Ambrose, will play a team of St. Louis All-Stars dressed as Simpkins.  The St. Ambrose team will include Jeff and Steve Cacciatore, Mike DiRaimondo and Tim Iriamonti. The Simpkins team will include Dan Donigan, Mark Frederickson, John Stremlau, Pat McBride and Ty Keough.

I will be sure to send you a complete press release when it is ready for distribution.

On Sunday, the ceremonies will begin at 1:30 in the area of Marconi and Daggett.  This is when we will honor each individual.   Ray "Goose" Gilliam, President of the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame, will be the featured speaker.  Frank Borghi and Gino Pariani will be present as will your Aunt Ann Wallace, Eleanor Colombo and Harry Keough.

From the old Simpkins team, Joe Numi, John and Pete Traina will also be present.  From the old St. Ambrose team, Gene Cucchi, Charlie Miriamonti, Skinny Pozzini and Herman Valli will be present.  Gene, Charlie and Skinny also played for Simpkins as did the four players associated with The Hill.   Harry, of course, played for Kutis.

Official Announcement


Soccer Garage

Another from the Soccer Garage

This link is interesting because it shows "Pee Wee's" true character.  These military medals are not just given, they are earned!

Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) Listing

St. Louis Post-Dispatch online article

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Soccer in St. Louis

Sad News.  I have been informed by Derek McCracken that another member of the team, Nicholas DiOrio,  has passed on.  He was one of two members from Pittsburgh (the other was Robert Craddock).  Thanks for the information, Derek.

Mr. DiOrio's Obituary

Here are a few more from Derek:

From the Dallas News

The British Perspective

Interview in Soccer Loop


If any of you have access to old USA Today newspapers, there is an article on the 1950 US World Cup soccer team in the June 17, 1994 issue (Page 16C).  If not, here's a scan.

In case you missed the link from Ann's page :^)

Miracle on Grass

Message Thread on the Movie and Game

Great Radio Clip on the Movie and Game

Links to "The Year in American Soccer"

The preliminaries, 1949

The Year

The above page contains additional links.