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Frank Wallace and Ann Baudo

Ann was wooed by the likes of Larry 'Yogi' Berra as well as many others.  She chose the soft spoken Frank Wallace as her soul mate.   True to her wedding vows, only death has separated them.  Frank "Pee Wee" Wallace was a member of the rag-tag US  World Cup Soccer team that defeated England in 1950.  This is one of the greatest upsets in all of Soccer.  To describe it in today's terms, picture a group of YMCA basketball players beating the "Dream Team" of the 1992 Olympics.  It just shouldn't have happened, but it did!  The book "Game of their Lives" has been written about the feats of the 1950 US World Cup Team.   This book is scheduled to be made into a movie.

Link to Pee Wee's bio in the US Soccer Hall of Fame

Click here for a link to the article "Miracle on Grass".

wallaceusa.jpg (130382 bytes)

Frank "Pee Wee" Wallace in a photo from Ebay.

Don't believe me about the Wold Cup part?  Here's the link again.

Miracle on Grass

Another picture, this one from the program for the World Cup of 1950.   This image is from an Ebay ad.

50WorldCup.jpg (181691 bytes)

Pee Wee is to the left of the Estados Unidos (Portugese, not Spanish, for United States) letters.  There are four other St. Louisans in this picture.   Frank Borghi (goalkeeper), Harry Keough (in front of Frank's), Charles Columbo   (Frank's right) and Gino Pariani (center at the bottom).  I've got to know how real this is.  The names and pictures are incorrect!   Harry Keough's picture has Columbo and Charlie's picture has Keough!

Jay Rodan "Pee Wee" in the film


Here's a vidcap of Ann from her interview with KSDK TV


ann.jpg (94711 bytes)

Ann at Jessie's wedding

Ann_Laugh.JPG (43677 bytes)

Ann, Jo and Bob Lange at Sam's 80th Birthday party.  Unfortunately, this is one of the last pictures taken of her.


Ann's Eulogy