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Italy in St. Louis

St. Louis has a rich tradition of Italian (and Sicilian) Culture.   This page will provide guide to restaurants, markets and ways to enjoy this heritage.


LoRusso's, family pricing, relaxed atmosphere, with "fine dining" food Website.

If you want to dine like Oprah (and pay the price) Giovanni's.

The place to see (and be seen) Tony's. PS, bring a LOT of money.

I would describe this as "Nouvel Italien", a combination of Italian foods with French techniques Lorenzo's.

I'm not sure I'd classify the cuisine as "Italian", but the food is very good and not too pricey at  Trattoria Marcella.

I can't figure this one out.  You can get Saturday reservations on Tuesday for Mama Campisi's, the food is great, the service quick, prices reasonable.  Maybe it's the ultra casual atmosphere.  Sadly, I will have to remove this entry.  Mama Campisi has passed away and along with her, the restaurant.  May the Lord grant her eternal rest and may His Perpetual Light shine upon her.  Great news!  Mama's has reopened!  Here's the web site Mama Campisi's.


I'll update this if (and when) I find a place, but Viviano's is the place to buy your Italian supplies.  I found Mascarpone cheese about a third less than the groceries.  My relatives LOVED the Tirramissou, (except on their hips)!


St. Ambrose Catholic Church

St. Aloysious Gonzaga  If you're into quick,  they have a ~ 30 minute Saturday mass.


I'm surprised the St. Louis Citizenship Committee* hasn't broken down my door for not mentioning Missouri Bakery (2027 Edwards, 773-6566).


Subway may have its Subs and Quiznos may have those rabid rat/hamster things (I'm not sure if those are mascots or ingredients), but we in St. Louis have Amighetti's.


Volpi! Prosciutto de Parma without the flight.  Pancetta, Mortadella.. .

Only in St. Louis

I was trying to find a website for Oldani salami, which my uncle prefers to Volpi, when I came across Eovaldi's Deli and Catering is it a source for Oldani's or is it a deli?  Don't know, don't care, this is St. Louis, enjoy!

I got an email that directed me to Oldani's.  You too can enjoy the flavor of St. Louis without the travel!

you can purchase oldani's products at Eovaldi's deli.     Eovaldi's Deli - The Hill - St Louis | Urbanspoon

Oldani's can also be purchased online:  Salame | Oldani Brothers Sausage - Hand-crafted Italian Salame


Toasted Ravioli

OK, here's the deal.  Toasted Ravioli is a St. Louis thing!  When Emeril went down the Mississippi, he used toasted (he called it fried) ravioli as representing St. Louis.   You wanna cook your own?  No?  Call Mama.

*This is a non-existent entity that ensures people who CLAIM to be St. Louisans are indeed entitled to that right.