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Besides my appreciation for the love that the Baudo family has shown me, one of the things that really makes this whole website worthwhile is the memories that are evoked from people outside the family.  I have received several emails from people who rekindle old memories or know someone who has been touched by the Baudo family and/or the "Hill".  I have decided to publish the contents of the emails here eliminating direct references to the specific people who sent them.  Where appropriate, I have added a description of the person. 

When I first created this website, the intention was to help the Baudo family connect with each other.  I now realize that it has allowed the Baudo family to connect with the WORLD!  Special thanks to Derek, Brian, Roy and all of the people who have helped me make the "Game" page so special.   So many people have come to this page and visited our family. 

It is truly an honor and a privilege to sit here and receive so much content.  There is no amount of money that could ever pay for the joy I have experienced.  No, I'm not going to stop updating the website (I gotta have a hobby).  I just want to let everyone know that I've been paid back several times over.




Hello to the Baudo Famiglia,

I went to your site after finding a link while searching for "Game of Their Lives" What an impressive web site dedicated to Vincenzo and Giuseppina, I had Sicilian grandparents married at St. Ambrose Oct. 1913. My Nonno was the so called caretaker of the Rallo Calcaterra Post until his death in 1965. I remeber us having his 82nd birthday party there but as the youngest grand child, I missed many traditions and experiemcing my Nonna. What a great web site, thanks for having it for others to enjoy, I am putting a link to it the 'soccer garage' on my restaurants newsletter, it was just amazing seeing all the info you had. I am proud to say I had the opprotunity to view it.

-St. Louis Restauranteur


I am the President of Hill 2000, the neighborhood organization of The Hill.  Can you tell me if Frank and/or Ann ever lived on The Hill and if so - what address and in what years?  (I was able to help him get Ann involved in the St. Louis Remembers celebration)

-President of Hill 2000 (Duh)

I included the reference below, because I think he can be contacted for photos.

During the filming of The Game of Their Lives, I worked on the set for 28 hours, as a backround actor, possibly in seven scenes, one close up.  My grandfather grew up in St. Louis, so I used my memories of him to create my character, it worked !! Also I was born in 1950, so it was remarkable to step back in time to this year.  Just can't wait to see the movie.     

Eventhough I lost 10 pounds in two days from the heat, I loved the work and would do it again. It was an honor to part of a production of this caliber.  After one scene with John Rhye-Davies, cinamatographer Johnny Jensen personally thanked me for a job well done.  Since then I have worked with Nickolas Cage in "The Weatherman" and acted in a production for the History Channel. 

The Game of Their Lives was my first movie, I made so many friends on the set,    and I am looking forward to the

St Louis Premeire .....maybe a big party....sure hope so !!! If necessary  I would gladly purchase the tickets. PLEASE keep me informed, I would sincerly appreciate it !! 

I wish to congradulate your family and all the people involved with the 1950 Soccer Team.....the diversity of the team reflects the true spirit of Americans working together !!! With the conditions in todays world the example our 1950s   Team will serve as an inspiration, and show us what we are made of !!!

I have been watching and gathering all the information possible about the team and the film.  At this time I wish to thank you for a great web site and for all the work you have put into it....It is sure appreciated.

Again..if possible..please keep me posted if you hear anything about the St. Louis   premeire and I will let you know what I hear.......Thank you again...Sincerly


Here's another with direct links, but he wants visitors:

I found your excellent page during a google search on "The Greatest Game of
Their Lives." Excuse me for not addressing you personally; however, I wasn't
able to locate the author's name from the tribute page.

I maintain a world football web site, and I have placed a link to your
tribute page in my section about American professional soccer. I maintain this
section in my <A HREF="">DC United</A>
page, and was aware of the contributions of the many players from St. Louis.
I am pleased that a movie will pay proper tribute to these men, along with the
other members of the team. Our media never understood the importance of this

Here is a link to my site, and I would be pleased if you would take a look,
and tell me what you think.

<A HREF="">World Football by Steve

This one is cool, a Britt lovin' the "Game"

Jeff, I wrote an article on the imdb message board connected with the film 'The Game Of Their Lives', about the 1950 team and soccer in general in America. It was good to see the team's reunion on your website. I am very interested in the team and would like to have more information about them. The book 'The Game Of Their Lives' is not available in Britain, and so any info you could give me would be much appreciated. I think what they achieved is truly remarkable, and I have even bought a replica 1950 team shirt! Thanks, Marc.

Cool Uncle "Mimi" story follows:

I went to site for the movie the game of their lives and saw the link to
the baudo family site. I'm sure I worked w your uncle Dominic in the 70s
at the Charcoal House. He was a bartender I was a busboy. My memory-- a
sort of high pitched plea from behind the bar- "Tommy get me some ice!"
The place was packed on the weekends. The ice machine was downstairs
below the bar. We played golf together once or twice.

Loved the soccer pics.

Another "Mimi" story from the same guy:

The Charcoal House was an interesting place to work in the 70s to say the least. There was a phone booth by the bar that we were not allowed to use. However, some people did use it, mostly for "business". I take it from your description that Dominic gambled a little. He was not the only one at the Charcoal House who used the booth phone for business. They had a golf tournament at the old Southmoor Golf Club called the Zipper Open (one of the great names of all time). As I recall the golf was almost incidental to the betting that was going on. Big time craps games, middle aged men with wads of cash hootin and hollerin and having a great time. I knew little of craps at the time, but it was a great party to work, and I would come home with my own wad of tips, plus we could drink all the beer we could sneak.

The Charcoal House was a throwback place, kind of a club. My grandmother derisively called it a tavern, but she could drink her bourbon with the best of them. I met all kinds of people there, broke up a couple of fights at the bar, and made a lot of money for a teenager. People loved it! I imagine there are still some places like it on the Hill. I think Dominic knew my Uncle Jim. They did not like each other. Why I have no idea. But Uncle Jim liked to drink there, and they were very cool to each other. I liked Dominic, he made you work, but seemed genuinely interested in me and my brothers who also worked there.


Here's a story about Charlie "Lefty (or Gloves)" Columbo:

I just saw the movie "Game of Their Lives" and in doing a little
research about the game on the internet I discovered your website.  It's
very interesting and I have enjoyed looking at it.

I was just 9 years old in 1950 and didn't pay much attention to soccer
then since my parish had no soccer teams.  But I did play a lot of
baseball and later men's fast-pitch softball.  In about 1960 I played my
first softball game against Charlie Columbo who was pitching and several
other soccer players from the "Hill" such as the Trainas and I believe
Frank Borghi.  The game was at Fox Park at Shenandoah and Ohio.  I hit
Columbo's first pitch to me over the fence for a home run and my manager
and teammates immediately strated riding Charlie that he had let a kid
hit a homer off him.  Although I was really 19 they kept yelling to
Charlie that I was only 15.  I could tell that Charlie was really mad
and my teammates then started telling me about Chalie's reputation. 
When I got ready for my second at-bat my manager told me to "hang loose
since Columbo would probably be throwing at me".  I guess I was naive
since I had never played against anyone who would deliberately try to
hurt someone.  Columbo's first two pitches were fastballs at my head and
I hit the dirt to get out of the way.  His third pitch was a fastball
that hit me in the back.  I subsequently played against Columbo many
times after that and I always saw that he was probably the fiercest and
meanest competitor I ever had seen.  I was glad to see that the movie
also realistically depicted him that way.

Regarding the 1950 game against England, I heard the story told many
times that Columbo had befriended the Italian refs before the game by
speaking to them in Italian.  The Italians hated the English and didn't
want them to win anyway.  The story went on to say that during the game
an English player had a clear breakaway and Columbo raced over and did a
flying tackle (American NFL style football tackle) and took him down. 
It should have been a red card but becasue of Columbo's pre-game
"friendship" with the Italian refs, they made no call other than to
award a meaningless a free kick.

Since I didn't see this episode in the movie, is this fact or fiction? 
 From what I know of Charlie Columbo, I can sure believe that he did it.

(The episode didn't get the play it deserved.  From what I know, Charlie took the guy out completely.  The Ref said, "Bono, Bono".)  That means, "Good, Good" he wasn't invoking the lead singer from U-2.

My brush with the Movie industry:

i'm a publicist at ifc films in nys, the distributor of the film. i'd
like to talk to you about the release of the film.  it opens in st.
louis on 4/22.  can you give me a phone # i can reach you  during the
day so we can speak?  thank you.

Yes, this guy is the real deal.  I'm not sure how much Vanna charges for Capital Letters.


From a friend of Charlie Columbo's relatives:


wonderful web site. my friend is related to charlie colombo, and they keep telling me we have to go and visit the hill, where their family has sort of been from. my friend's name is chris and cheryl colombo. wonderful people. i tried to find more out for them about family history etc and to learn more about the hill, when i stumbled over your web site! what a wonderful web site and very interesting!

thank you for sharing your family and interests w/ everyone.

hugs, and god's blessing,


From a former "Hill" resident:

I had a notice to go to to find out about the movie and WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE I GOT. It was great to see and to read about all of you. The "Mimi" section just triggered all kinds of memories. I've stopped in the middle when you had "Contact Me" and I wanted to do that before I got lost in nostalgia. Mary used to always write such encouraging notes to me when I was away. Josie, I still have the picture we took at the airport when you all came out and we had a visit. See what I only regret is that I don't recognize a lot of your family but thank you for making a boring Saturday afternoon an enjoyable trip to the Hill and other places with the web site. To see Pewee, Lefty, Gino, Borghi and the rest was so good. Thanks again. Thanks again for the great site.  

From Argentina:

Hi, i'm Sandra,i write to you from Argentina.I just found your page of the film The game of their lives and i want to ask you if you have any information about the realease of this film in my country,Argentina.I'm really a great fan of Gerard Butler and i hope you can help me with my question.Sorry for my english cause i never speak it.I love your page.thanks.Sandra

Thanks, Sandra.  Your English is MUCH better than my Spanish!  I do not know if the movie will be released in Argentina.  They did a very poor job of promoting the movie in the US.  Anyway, the people at Walden Media assured me that an announcement would be coming soon on the release of the DVD.   Check the website.