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Sam Baudo and Mary Wolf

Sam : December 9, 1929 - Hopefully a long time from now

Mary: October 9, 1930 - February 6, 1996

baudowedding.jpg (89598 bytes)

The guy in the front is looking pretty nervous!

Sam in an important Soccer story!

baudo70s.jpg (59956 bytes)

Whoa, there's Austrians in this picture :^).

cousins.jpg (101617 bytes)

Ok, one of these kids shares little, if any DNA with the others.

Can't tell?  THAT's the power of TRUE love! (PS, only one person has gotten it right on the first try).

dsc_1668.jpg (49434 bytes)

Same participants 12 years later.  They are in the same order as the picture above.

dsc_1672.jpg (48393 bytes)

This one includes Justin on the far left.

family.jpg (40660 bytes)

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Sam talks to his new friend

Sam_Friend.JPG (58422 bytes)