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'The Game of Their Lives' Movie Page On Set Pictures

One of the cool things about doing this website is getting email from people who are interested or even participated in the movie.   Brian Leahy sent me some cool pictures of the set and people on it.  In honor of the girls of the on the Gerard Butler site, guess who?


gerry.jpg (75016 bytes)

  Here's a picture of Gino Pariani on the set

leahy14-R1-031-14.jpg (1650968 bytes)

Here's one of Gino's son, Glenn.  He played a coach in the movie.

leahy14-R1-039-18.jpg (1030640 bytes)

Some of the players gathered around Gino.

leahy14-R1-029-13.jpg (1340112 bytes)

Lots of stuff going on on the set.  The church with the twin Steeples is St. Anthony of Padua which used to be my Parish Church.   These parts of the movie were shot in Marquette park in South St. Louis about a mile from where I spent my younger years.

leahy14-R1-017-7.jpg (1687621 bytes)