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Here is where I'll post information about the Baudo family.  Any piece of information will be posted here and will probably be uncensored!

Here's a cute link to Dominic, the Italian Christmas Donkey click here. Ok, let me know if you could read this and NOT post a link!

"Jeff, oh my goodness that was priceless!   I played it several times in a row, I could just picture Mom (Mary) singing a song like this.  I enjoyed it so much."

After that comment, I just HAD to write Cybernana and complement her on the post.  She was kind enough to write back:

Hi Jeff!

Thanks for your comments! I found what I believe to be the link you made to on this page:

(Thanks for the link by the way :)

I put Dominick up last year and it must have worked it's way up the search engines all year - it sure was a breakaway hit here, even causing some equipment to overheat and blow when my son was serving the pages - and we are talking 3COM hardware made to handle high volume! :) My hit counter on December 8 was around 6500 - if you take a peek at today it is almost to 900,000! YIKES - and most of those hits are Dominick! :) Over the Christmas season my best day was around 74,000 hits with 61,000 unique - all because of a cool little Lou Monte song, a fun little webpage and lots of kind people spreading my website around :) The former host of Today sent it to you??? Now that's cool! I am going to have to start keeping track of Dominick achievements, and that most definitely qualifies! :)


PS I made sure that she knew that I sent it TO a former host of the Today show.