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To be brutally honest with myself, I cannot describe this man.  There are people about whom they say  "loved life".  There are those about whom they say, "Lived life to its fullest." 

Dominic "Mimi" Baudo, grabbed life, squeezed the juice out of it, and then found some way to grind what was left of the pulp and rind and consume that too!  I saw him come in on a Sunday morning half-blind due to an eye problem and throw a 733 series in bowling.  In his rare first throw misses, I had to tell him what pins were left standing!

My fondest memory of Uncle Mimi was on a Sunday morning bowling league.  Uncle Mimi was looking pretty tired since he was playing Craps until 2 am earlier in the day.  I said, "I'll bet you'll be glad when this is over so you can take a nap."  "Nap, Hell, I've got a 1 pm tee off time!"  This is the essence of Dominic Baudo.