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I have received permission from our family to publish some of the recipes passed down from Josephine to her daughters (and sons) and indirectly to me.  A very nice Email from Joe Garagiola, one of the Hill's Favorite Sons has inspired me to start the page.  This page will serve as a link to the recipes themselves.  I will try to do one recipe per week.   I'll divide the page into piastrae.  The starting recipe will be a new "traditional" recipe.  It doesn't come from the "Old Country" but has many of the flavors of Italy.

Prima Piastra (appetizer)


Seconda Piastra (light pasta)


Terza Piastra (vegetable)

Piastra di Quarto (meat)

This is where the fun starts.  Click here for the recipe for Veal Soncerae!