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Sam's 75th Birthday!

The family celebrated the 75th birthday of the youngest child on December 12, 2004.  Here are some of the pictures.

dscn2968.jpg (67117 bytes)

Sam at the table

dscn2972.jpg (47247 bytes)

Here's Jane

dscn2973.jpg (50762 bytes)

and Ann

dscn2974.jpg (61389 bytes)

Carolyn and Ann talk, while Sam enjoys a joke

dscn2984.jpg (70891 bytes)

Sam holds up the 1950 World Cup Sweatshirt

dscn2987.jpg (58508 bytes)

Sam and his sisters


dscn2989.jpg (68483 bytes)

One side of Sam's family

dscn2991.jpg (55146 bytes)

Another side (the T-shirt is a comemorative of the 1950 World

Cup players from St. Louis

dscn2992.jpg (47003 bytes)

Sam and Ann

dscn2993.jpg (56344 bytes)

Da Girls!

dscn2996.jpg (54924 bytes)

Another one

dscn2997.jpg (60552 bytes)

Da Guys!