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Jeff and Carolyn Franz

Jeff became Sam's legal ward upon the death of his father in May of 1973.  Although he has no direct bloodline to the Baudos, the emotional lines run deeper.  This is his page.

If you have a young boy or are a young boy at heart, here's a page I did for my son, Justin.  It has all sorts of things a nine year old boy would love.  The car page is fun for fathers and sons.  Click here.

Jeff's son LOVES penguins.  There is a film that will chronicle an Emperor penguin family's quest.  I've managed to get some special pictures from the site.  For more information, click here.

Here is a cute little ditty about Dominick the Donkey.

Justin's high school robot team is on the winning alliance.  The thing is that Justin is in 8th grade.  It's kind of like having a Junior High kid as a Varsity quarterback.

Hazelwood Robot Team ROCKS!


Here is a presentation that Justin did for a Holocaust presentation at his school.  It's pretty powerful.