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Iron Chef Lange

Each year the Lange family has a battle, not a battle of minds, not a battle of wits, but a battle of stoves.  This page will chronicle this ongoing challenge.

  Al Cuisine!

Press Release!

The combatants prepare!  Note the smug looks, but will their cuisine reign supreme?  This page will reveal the details!

Preliminary Cooking - Iron Chef - Steven & Jennifer.jpg (619063 bytes)

And the Winner Is

Jenny wins.JPG (336722 bytes)


Bob, Amy and Jenny.JPG (463645 bytes)

Casey and Tim.JPG (450666 bytes)

Christine Preparing her Dish in LA.jpg (2043520 bytes)

Whoa, I'm like cooking here, do you mind?


fabulous cousins.JPG (444422 bytes)

Beam me up, Scotty!

Iron Chef Final Official Announcement.JPG (226389 bytes)

The votes are in, who's cuisine reigns supreme?


The New Iron Chef Lange!

Final Announcement

New Iron Chef.JPG (300544 bytes)

More Pix

Kendall, Steven and Lori.JPG (317320 bytes)

Chrissy's Surprise.JPG (396197 bytes)

Scott, Kendall, Kyle and Katie.JPG (423368 bytes)

Steph with the famous family pasta sauce.JPG (480809 bytes)

Steph, Carmen, Maria and Barbara.JPG (483234 bytes)

Steph, Vince and Barbara.JPG (376769 bytes)

Steve, Bob and Jenny.JPG (419880 bytes)