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Recently, the Baudo family lost their beloved Jane.  Here is a link to her obituary.  Rest in the Lord's Peace.  Jane's Obituary Jane's Eulogy

Unfortunately, the Baudo family suffered the loss of another member, Ann.  Our only consolation is that she is where she wanted to be, with her beloved, Pee Wee.  Ann's Obituary Ann's Eulogy

Josephine rejoined her beloved Sam on February 14, 2010.  May she rest in paradise forever.  Josephine's Obituary Josephine's Eulogy


This is a website dedicated to the history of a family created by two immigrants from Sicily, Vincenzo Baudo and Giuseppina Patania who migrated to a St. Louis  area known as "The Hill".    While most, if not all, of their progenies are working middle to upper middle class citizens, this family has had its share of high points. 

Among these include a member who participated in one of the greatest upsets in the history of soccer, if not sport itself.  Another member of the family has been in a movie and television.  Another has cut records.  The list is endless and will continue to branch out, as will the family.

However, there is one thing this family has that many families can only dream of.  This 'thing' is a true sense of family and togetherness.   We therefore invite you to join our family and share the most precious gift of all, true love.

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